Akaram cards is the most famous invitation card company in Sri Lanka. The attractive and unique design and the card quality is the main reason for the success of Akaram. We have Laser cut cards, Metallic board cards, Stone pasting cards, embossed design cards, foil design cards, cloth material cards, etc. We design, manufacture, and supply all the products ourselves in a best quality.

Also, we can design the cards in your preferred size and design. You can receive your ordered cards within two weeks from the Akaram cards showroom or door delivery. Modern and Traditional cards are available in all faiths Hindus, Christians, and Muslims. We recognize the ever evolving requirements of our clients and we thrive in staying ahead of the trends to create you an individualistic product, since we appreciate ‘your invitation card’ would be the brand carrier of your special day, representing you and your family name amongst your friends and family. “Giving an early insight of your special day”